Since 2009, we have led the effort to underwrite programs in Westerville City Schools. We have assured that over 4600 students have participated in Challenge Day and provided over $30,600 in local education grants.

Our Mission

Westerville Education Challenge was established with the mission of encouraging creative and innovative ideas that enhance educational opportunities for a significant number of students in Westerville City Schools. 

The goal is to raise funds to sustain a program called Challenge Day.  Challenge Day teaches students and community mentors about diversity and acceptance.  Challenge Day is offered to all high school freshmen (1200 students) at our 3 high schools in Westerville City Schools. 

In recent years, Westerville Education Challenge has expanded its efforts to award grants to teachers in the Westerville City School District who want to pursue creative and innovative projects that enrich curricular and extra-curricular activities for the benefit of their students.

As the Principal at Westerville Central, I have witnessed many programs come and go over the last eight years. However, few programs have had the impact and longevity that challenge day has had here in the building. Stephanie Martin and our Challenge day leaders have worked overtime to bring a program that teaches “togetherness, oneness and compassion” to thousands of students since we started the program years ago. I have gone through the challenge day experience a few times, and I can honestly say that it is amazing. The positive impact it has on the school’s culture and climate is outstanding!
— Todd Spinner, Former Central HS Principal

What We've Achieved

  • A total of 38 Challenge Days have been held in the past seven school years, including 20 programs at WCHS, 12 programs at WNHS, and 6 programs at WSHS

  • 4607 total participants from three high schools over seven years

  • The district's yearly number of suspensions and expulsions has decreased by 38.7% during the first five years of Challenge Day implementation - 2008-2012

  • Principals in our high schools believe Challenge Day has made students feel safer and more secure in our schools.  As a result they believe after school activities have had increased attendance

  • Grants to help defray the program costs have amounted to $29,150

  • The total cost for 38 Challenge Day programs over the past seven years has been approximately $152,000.  These costs have been covered through grants, fund-raisers, and donations from individuals, businesses, organizations, and the families of the student participants

  • Westerville City Schools has provided substitute teachers to cover classes of participating teachers, as well as, the facilities for hosting Challenge Day (gymnasium space, chairs, tables, etc.)  Many WCS staff, teachers, guidance counselors, administrators and school board members have supported the students through their participation in Challenge Day