What is Westerville Education Challenge? 

Westerville Education Challenge (WEC) was established in 2009 by a group of parents and community members who sought to raise private support for public education in Westerville City Schools. 

The initial desire was to provide funding and a long term financial solution for a program called Challenge Day. Challenge Day is an anti-bullying program that teaches students and community mentors about diversity and acceptance. Challenge Day is offered to all Westerville high school students at each of our three schools. 

Westerville Education Challenge continues to evolve and now offers grants that directly enhance educational opportunities for a significant number of students and teachers in the Westerville City Schools. 

WEC has achieved

Westerville Education Challenge has donated over $70,000 to Westerville City Schools to support Challenge Day, grants for educators, and our newest partnership with our middle schools.

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Heritage PRIDE 


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Boots Crew 2012


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